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Dist. of Columbia Disability Insurance Quotes for Individuals

Find affordable Dist. of Columbia disability insurance quotes. An accident or sickness can take away your health and ability to earn a living in an instant. A personal Dist. of Columbia income replacement policy can allow you to keep your life together. (Uninsured disability is a leading cause of both bankruptcy and divorce.)

Long Term Disability Insurance in Dist. of Columbia

Disability benefits can make a difference for both the short term and long term. A local Dist. of Columbia disability insurance agent can provide you with a plan that will give you the money you need to keep your lights on and your refrigerator full. To protect you for the long haul an optional cost of living adjustment rider is highly recommended.

Short Term Disability Insurance in Dist. of Columbia

You can be eligible to receive benefits in as little as one month after a covered health crisis or accident. Disability insurance companies serving DC can provide you with the protection you and your family need to keep your home and help you reach your goals should a breadwinner be unable to work due to a covered illness or accident.

DC Disability Insurance for Self Employed

Professionals and small business owners are among the people who need income protection the most. Without the option of coverage from an employer-sponsored policy, those who work for themselves will need to be proactive in getting information. Getting prices and information from this site can be that important first step a small business owner should make.

Dist. of Columbia Mortgage Disability Insurance

Sometimes disability insurance plans are purchased to give the insured the money to pay a home mortgage or other loan. Although these policies can serve an important purpose, it is usually better to look at all of one's needs and obligations and purchase a policy that will allow you to keep a disabling event from changing your life more than it has to.

Portability of your Insurance

You may have a disability insurance policy from your employer. If this is the case, you may want to see if the policy is portable. You want to make sure that you can take the policy with you if you leave the company.

If you leave the company to start your own, or for any other reason, you may lose this coverage. At that time you may have a serious medical condition that doesn't yet keep you from working, but is serious enough that it causes you to be denied coverage under an individual disability insurance policy.

To provide the best protection, your policy should be portable. This may mean that you have to pay for the policy yourself and opt-out of the disability insurance policy offered to you at work.

(Some payroll deduction policies are portable. Be sure to check this out before cancelling any policy you my have.)

DC Supplemental Disability Insurance

Since the price you pay for your DC disability coverage is likely to be based on the age when it was purchased, replacing old policies is usually more costly than adding additional coverage. For this reason as time goes on and prices rise it makes sense to supplement your old policies with new ones.

Options for Income Protection Policies

There are several issues you will need to consider when buying a policy. These include:

Disability insurance is important to own for both the short-term and long-term. Chances are you would have major problems paying your bills should an accident or illness prevent you from working. Let a local Dist. of Columbia help you get the information you need to compare and contrast benefits and premiums. He or she can help you understand the insurance contracts and make the right choice.

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