Self Employment Disability Insurance – Short Term & Long Term

Often when men and women decide to work for themselves, they will give little thought to the insurance needs that come with self employment. Disability insurance should be considered along with health insurance and life insurance as essential coverage. The premiums for a policy are very affordable for many people.

The self employed cannot depend on their employers to provide this crucial coverage. Your medical insurance may pay your doctors and other health care providers, but who will pay you?

What if you never went back to work? Depending on your injury there may be no jobs that you can qualify for.

You may eventually qualify for benefits from social security program. However, you will probably have to wait at least two years to qualify for a check.

If you are self employed, you have to design your own benefits package. There is no employer who is taking care of your retirement, health insurance or your disability insurance. Your business has to take care of you and you have to make the right decisions as the owner of the business.

Along with learning how to pay taxes as a self employed person, you probably need to get more information about insurance the various insurance coverage types necessary to keep you and your family in your home.

Without this coverage, your income can stop if you are too sick or hurt to work. Unless you can afford to live off your investments or other sources of income a policy that includes long and short term disability insurance for selfemployed should be seriously considered.

Disability can last for years or even decades. Not having adequate coverage can have a devastating impact on your lifestyle. Many disability policies can pay a benefit until age 65. Some can pay benefits for longer.

You may be surprise at how inexpensive good coverage can be. To get quotes for self employed disability insurance please complete the form at the top of the page.

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